Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thomas Update: 5 Months

This was a fun month, starting with our big road trip to Indiana for Christmas, beginning the new year, and having a nice mild start to winter.  You've had some big changes this month. You're finding your little laugh, love to be vertical most of the time, and are getting to be at expert with your chubby little hands.
Weight: 17.5 lbs
Length: 25.5 inches, 9 month clothes really fit best, but I squeeze you into most of the 6 month things still.  Mostly cloth but some size 3 diapers.  (Same length, and a pound shy of Eli at this age.)
Feeding:  Normally 1 early morning, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, first supper, and second supper.  Typically just 15 minutes a time, but sometimes 30.  You are in that stage where you love to hold on to every "thing" and pinch and grab.  Makes feedings a little less fun.  You may have had a tiny taste of banana cream to sooth your gums, but we'll wait until next month to really start food.
Sleeping:  We have tried your crib a few times, but you still prefer to sleep in the little rocker thing until about 4/5 when you wake to eat.  Napping is changing drastically, as you are now sleeping for a very long morning nap about two hours after you wake up, and then little to no evening nap.  Makes life a bit different.
Communicating:  You don't get much time to talk with your brothers always making noise.  But you will chatter if we all give you quiet time.  You still give great big smiles when you see your family and will make some giggles. 
 Likes: Being in the door-way jumper (super baby with Eli), exersauser, any toys that rattle or crinkle and moving toys from hand to hand. 
Dislikes:   Teething, loud noises (including the vaccum)
Growth Milestones:  Still not rolling much.  Still working to sit up a little better on your own.
Health:  Nothing more than a runny nose.

 And your eyes are still grey.  But so were Eli's at this age.

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