Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thomas Update: 0.5 Years

This month, we learned that your snow suit is basically a swaddle since you can't move in it.  You really like to eat baby purees, but don't like having to process them.  Having your first little fall made you very, very angry with mama.  And you are quite ticklish.

Weight: 17 lbs 1 oz
Length: 26.75 inches, same size as last month
Feeding:   Nursing is the same, but we've added in some cereals and purees since you have been so interested in dinner time.  You've tried squash, green beans, rice cereal, prunes, and bits of our bananas.
Sleeping:  About the same as last month.  A few more all night sleeps, but also a few nights you needed lots of snuggles because your cold made it hard to sleep.
Communicating:  We found your tickle spots, and you're quite a little giggler now.  Realized how much you like music and singing, something mama isn't great at providing.  Still chattering a little more each month.  You definitely save the best smiles for mama and dada.
 Likes: Sitting in your bumbo next to your brother's train track, or your toy box.
Dislikes:   Bathing has become your least favorite thing.  And laying flat on your back. 
Growth Milestones:  Sitting up more and more.
Health:  Still a running cold.

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