Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where we are.

So I haven't been blogging much since Thomas was born.  Which I hate, because lots of tiny little memories will be lost in this time.  If I don't have a photo, or a written account of something, I just seem to have a hard time remembering it.  I really need to start using some of those brain building memory apps because I swear I have the worst memory ever.  So, here are a few little moments I'd hate to forget from lately.

At a drive thru recently, I decided to switch my normal beverage and order a root beer.  From the backseat I hear this.  "Beer?  Me LOVE beer!"  Oh Eli.  Always listening.  Not sure what gave him that idea.

Theodore lost his second tooth while we were reading in bed on the 17th.  Brian normally does bedtime stories, so I was glad I was reading to Theo this night.  He just popped it out like it was nothing.  The tooth fairy almost missed her window, but luckily Theo forgot to check when he woke up.  She left $1.  "Cash" as he calls it.  Eli was just as excited that "the tooth fairy came" as Theo was.

Thomas is very excited to be getting food now.  Apparently we're into vegetables, because he's had carrots, squash, and green beans.  And then prunes, as you can guess why.

Recently, we asked Eli if he needed to use the bathroom.  He stands in the middle of the living room fully clothed and yells, "no, See!" and proceeds to strain in an attempt to empty his bladder.  Thank goodness he was right.

At the zoo, we asked Eli what a wolf says.  He said, "Huff."  And, "puff."

After the blizzard last month, I took all three kids to the National Mall all by myself.  And didn't lose any of them or have serious injuries.  Anyone who has went anywhere with Theodore should find this a mini miracle. 

Theodore just read the number 249.  When did that happen?  Two hundred forty nine.

I'd really love to blog more, but besides having 3 children, 2 different school drop-offs, trying to lose the baby weight, focusing on healthy but cheap meals for dinner each night, and trying to keep my house together, we are trying to buy a permanent house finally.  After being married nearly ten years, we are finally somewhere we think we will be long enough, to settle.  And even though we don't have an official start date yet for my husband's new contract (which we need for the financing, thank you again, government red tape), and we have to be out of this house in five weeks since our land lady is conveniently moving back into the country right when his contract is up (can you catch my sarcasm), I am just too stressed out to be able to be coherent when writing.  But, here goes anyway.  I've got a few updates to tell about.

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