Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Theo-Bot (Liam's Birthday Party!)

We had the pleasure of attending one of our Indiana friend's birthday parties this past weekend. I've known Ashley since we were about six and her son is about right between Theo and Eli in age.  This mom threw a really cute robot birthday party (I  was glad I packed Theo's robot shirt two months ago). 

I have always called my oldest Theo-Bot (don't know why), so I was especially excited she made a photo station that worked well.


Just one of the cute robot-themed menu items.
 Once gifts and cake were finished with indoors (my son is the only one that asks for a second piece... not sure what that says about my parenting).  Bubbles and Liam's new wagon kept everyone happy and busy outside on the beautiful day.

Eli loved playing with blades of grass...
and many kisses and hugs from the pretty girls there.

Too bad we don't live closer...
(All photos are courtesy of Ashley's little sister since Theo decided our camera was dirty and gave it a bath in the dog's water dish.)

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