Friday, May 17, 2013

Elijah: 8 months

My sweet, sweet boy.  I'm writing this today as you turn 8 months on my 4th Mother's Day.  I was thinking that while Theo originally made me a mama three years ago, you made me a better mama this year.  You have made the second time around so easy, and I love seeing the relationship you and your brother are developing.  I keep having to remind myself that you will grow out of this baby stage so soon and I need to soak it all in right now. 

Weight:  still about 20 pounds
Size:  Size 3/4 diapers, and 12-18 month clothes.
Feeding:  You'll eat just about anything we put on a spoon, which we do three times a day.  We added some ground meats this month as well as oatmeal.  New tastes included prunes, cherries, ... You still nurse some at night, take one bottle while I'm at work, and then nurse two more times in the evening.
Sleeping:  I believe I did have my first full night's sleep since you were born this week! 
Likes:  petting Cori (all dogs), napping in the porch swing at Aunt Megan's, kisses on the head from random girls, sitting in the grass
Dislikes:  getting your finger nails clipped (you scratch way too much)

You have started getting up on all fours, and scooting backwards some, but I'm still waiting for you to take off crawling.

Finally, you have the biggest smiles for me when I come home from work to get you.  And you don't even mind being dropped off.  Your life seems full of happiness! 

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