Sunday, June 17, 2012

Getting Ready

                This pregnancy has been so low-key compared to my first one.  With it being the second, and being another boy, there just isn’t much to do to get ready for this one.  Thankfully, my doctor’s visits are very simple:  my blood pressure is fine, I’m measuring right, and don’t really have any questions.  Hopefully my glucose comes back fine again.  I had to take an early one months ago since Theo was so big, and it was fine, so as long as this one is too it seems like smooth sailing this last trimester.
                Because of this, it doesn’t quite feel as real.  I have the next two months off of work, so I am basically just sitting around waiting for baby, even though I don’t have much to do to get ready.  Today I started a few things that made me feel like I was doing something to get ready.   First, I pre-registered to donate the cord blood again, same was as last time.  Then we looked into the VBAC class at the hospital, which we’re planning to attend.  And I started really researching double strollers.  And that about completes my list of things to do.  It seems so much easier the second time around.

28 Weeks Along

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