Thursday, June 28, 2012

Easy Activities to Keep a Two Year Old Busy

Pentominoes:  He likes to just play with the pieces right now.  I have pattern cards he can use with them when he gets older.

Painting:  They painted  A LOT at day care.  I finally let T. break out some paint at home.  I asked if he wanted to use his fingers (it was finger paint) or a brush, and thankfully he chose a brush.  I hate when his hands are dirty.  When dada came home, the painting was dry, so we showed it to him and T. promptly put it on the fridge.  He understands that's where all his artwork goes.

Blocks:  T.'s grandparents have gotten him a couple sets of duplos over the holidays.  One is a zoo set-he absolutely loves the giraffe, tiger, and elephant in the set and is constantly playing with them.  Today he made some different designs, that did not include any animals (though that is the zoo keeper on top).  His second set is one with the numbers 1-10.  He works on these on a daily basis.

Play-doh:  We finally picked some up recently, and Theo has been having a lot of fun with it.  I pulled down some small cookie cutters to use with them, and he is getting pretty good at them.

Connectors:  These were the best kids meal toy ever.  I think we got them from Wendy's a while back.  They simply connect to one another, and T. makes all sorts of shapes out of them. 

Counting Bears:  T. uses these in a lot of different ways.  Obviously, he can sort them by color, and practicing counting to ten with each color.  When he pulled them out today he lined the cups up, and then started lining up all the bears.

Puzzles:  These wooden puzzles are great.  There are five boards in the set, with double sides.  T. likes to go through and do the firetruck, train, and car ones first.  

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