Thursday, June 28, 2012

Theodore's Reading List: Great Books for Two Year Olds

"Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel"  This was a favorite of Brian's, and now a favorite of Theo's.  He asks for "Mike" very often.  He was very excited recently when he found Mary Anne (the steam shovel)  in another Virgina Lee Burton book, "The Little House", which is quickly becoming another favorite as well.

"If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"  I ordered a mini version of this book, with a play-along CD from Theo's class's book order.  It was a major hit with him!  For a few weeks, he wouldn't go to bed without playing "mouse cookie" which had readings of the stories, author and illustrator info, and a few songs.  We also like "If you give a Dog a Donut"... we're not as big a fan of "If you Give a Cat a Cupcake."

Theodore's first Jerry Pallotta book, "The Jet Alphabet" has become a quick favorite as Theodore is enamored with planes and helicopters right now.  This is our first foray into non-fiction.  I'd rather stay in fantasy a while longer, but it is super cute when he says "Jumbo Jet" or "Bell XS-1".
"The Pigeon Wants a Puppy" and all of the other pigeon books have kept us entertained this last year as well.  We even get to act them out with a little chick and pigeon stuffed animal we have.  We're anxiously awaiting the pigeon activity book that is coming out this fall.

A few days before Theo's cousins visited, Theodore found this book in our "older" books bookcase.  "Go Dog Go" has taught Theodore a lot!  He got to read this with his cousin who just finished kindergarten.  "In/Out, Up/Down, On/Under"  and colors, blue, red, yellow, black, white all get called out by Theo as we are reading.  This was one of the first books he asked for an immediately repeated reading of. 

Liam's mama introduced us to Piggie and Harold, and they have become a fast favorite.  "I Broke My Trunk" was the first of this series that we enjoyed, and we've added "My Friend is Sad" as well.

"Theodore and the Whale"  is getting read at least once a day right now.  Theodore in his red hat, Emily and the other tug boats, and of course Walter the whale are big favorites in our house right now.  When we found we have a Theodore looking boat, and a blue whale bath toy I was hoping it would make bath time a little more enticing for Theo.  He still screams over getting his hair washed though.

Leo Lionni books are always a little weird, but "A Color of His Own" is fun and Theo likes to watch the chameleon change colors (even though some of the yellows look green...).

"Oh No"... "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" is a fun, repetitive book that Theo can help read.  It's starting to become popular with him.

Past Winners:  T. still likes a lot of the same books from his one-year reading list as well.  He still loves his Corduroy books.  He enjoys reading parts of "Click Clack Moo"  (Theodore is the "moo-er") and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" (he reads some of the letters, and the "boom boom").

Honorary Mention:  After this picture, Theo added "Elmo's Ducky Day" and "What I See at Easter".  I think he wanted to complete the circle above, but they are books he loves as well.

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Kaitlyn said...

Go Dogs Go is a favorite with many kids. Just wait Shannon soon it will be all about Dr. Suess and you and Brian will be rhyming everything.