Sunday, June 17, 2012

Copy Cat

                Theo has been very slow to talk.  He picked up a few words and signs, but just wasn’t developing much of a vocabulary.  He’s getting past that now-

                He pretty much tries to repeat most things we say now.  Sometimes it feels like he’s playing the bother-your-sibling copy cat game.  When shopping the other day I told him his stroller was rolling away, and he copied, “Roll Away”.   He yells “Green-Daddy Go” at stop lights (regardless of the color), points out everything for us (“Fork and Spoon” that we just sat out for him, “A Bean” on his plate), and has learned to say “Please” when he needs things, and “Help” when he wants me to come assist him (rather than just screaming and pulling on me).  When we are driving down hilly roads, he also says “up” and “down” the whole time.

                He’s also started being more vocally active in reading books.  He loves “Go Dog Go” and will say a lot of the words when we pause and let him say the words before we read them.  He points out some of the letters in “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” (and the “Boom Boom” itself) and all of the colors in “A Color of His Own”.  He keeps picking longer books as well, from the big boy bookshelf.  Twice this week, he also fell asleep while listening to a longer book-  Rapunzel and Beauty and the Beast (“Beast”).  I now also know more about airplanes than I ever wanted to know because he found a Jerry Pallotta book we have, “The Jet Alphabet book” that I bought years ago at the Midway Carrier we visited in San Diego.  He loves planes.  And trains.  And cars.  And guns (water/bubble ones).  He is such a boy.

                Finally, he has also picked up the pronouns “My” and “Mine”.  He’s learning how to use them appropriately.

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