Friday, November 11, 2011


My son is so growing up.

I have had it on my to-do list to update him on this blog for a while now.  I planned to talk about all the words he's finally saying, the books he's currently reading, and the toys he engages with now. 

And then he stole my nickel.

He saw me put a stray nickel that I found in my pocket.  He decided he wanted the nickel, and got it out of my jeans pocket for himself.  Then, he went into the hard-to-get to bookshelf in the back of his room, and found one of our spare change jars (the one grandpa Banter gave us, that keeps track of the money as you put it in the lid).  We rarely ever use it (we never have change long), so I was extremely surprised that he even knew it was there.  Once he put the nickel in, he immediately brought it to me so I could open the lid for him.  And now he's been spending the last ten minutes putting all the coins back in. 

I'm pretty much in shock and awe at this, frankly because he knows all these little things that amaze me.  That he has a concept of money, and where it belongs, is pretty shocking to me.  I loved having the day off work so that I could really focus on him today, and I really feel like I miss so much working all the time.  I asked him today if he's just a really big baby, or a really little kid.  I think he just answered my question with the later answer.

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