Friday, September 9, 2011

Activities for 18 month olds in Newark, Delaware

So lately, I've been wanting to get the little one into some more regularly schedule activities now that the year is started.  We had a blast during the summer going to the Brandywine Zoo, swimming pool, Milburn Orchard, Kilby Creamery, down to the beach, and playing at the park-but now mama's going back to work and needs a little more help in keeping activities going.

I started researching and little by little, found the following list of activities.  I think we're going to pick out about four of these to try.
Toddler Tales:  At the Newark Free Public Library.  Story time for 18-35 month olds.
Swim Lessons:  We are thinking of becoming Y-members, (Sept. there is no joiner fee!), and if we do we may put T. in the Perch class!  19 months-3 years. 
Swim Lessons 2:  A little farther away in Elkton, there are also swim lessons available here.
Itty Bitty Fall Sports:  At the Kirkwood soccer club.  An athletic activity for 18-35 months.
First State Gymnastics:  Just a couple miles from us (within biking distance) is this facility.  They offer classes, or just open gym time. 
Nature Babies:  Local program at a White Clay Creek State Park, looks promising.  Once  a month on Saturday mornings. 
We Kids Rock:  Music classes, mostly held in Wilmington but there is a Newark class.
Yoga:  This says they are starting baby classes this fall.  Crawlers-4 years.
Delaware Nature Society:  More classes for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 year olds.
Roller Skating: and Figure Skating:  Not sure when T. will be ready for this class, but it looks fun!
Gymboree: and The Little Gym:  Have all sorts of classes for pre-schoolers, located up in Wilmington.  I'm not sure about the prices though, these may be expensive.

I'll be sure to update which ones we try, and what we think of them.  Most are accepting registrations now and start SOON!

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