Monday, December 6, 2010

Update... 9 months

I have been neglecting my blog.

No excuses, though I have many, it has just been pure neglect. I have started many posts, but never had a chance to finish them. Some of them include:

Pictures from the 4-H Fair in July (Erin's last year.)
Highlights from our August trip to Maine (lobster, lighthouses!!)
What our new camera can do (panorama, quick shots)
Crash! (photos of the Colbalt's last days, and our new Equinox)
Theodore's first camping trip (back to Hickory Run and Jim Thorpe with Gma and Gpa E)
Out hunt for DE creameries (Woodside Creamery!!)
Theodore's first Halloween (Chocolate Chip Cookie), my birthday, Thanksgiving!
10 year anniversary of our first date!

But most importantly I need to update everyone on the little man himself! Theo is doing great.  He is crawling around at lightning speed (especially when dog food is out or the fridge is open), and pulling himself up to standing position on everything. He's got four tiny teeth that he loves to use to take tiny bites of bananas (among everything else). We are still nursing, and he mainly eats cereals and fruit and veggie purees, and tries some table food. He was not a huge fan of butternut squash soup, but he loves his Super Puffs (still haven't introduced wheat, and these are the only ones we could find without wheat).

He is starting to learn the word "no"; loves peek-a-boo, animal noises, music (he still turns on his mobile on his own when he wakes up), and spying the cat.

His 9 month check-up went well- he is about 28 pounds and inches. He didn't even flinch when he got his two shots! He's such a great baby!

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Strobels said...

I can't beileve how big he is getting! They grow fast enjoy every minute and blog more so I can enjoy more moments of him!!