Saturday, October 9, 2010

Penske List

Lately we have been taking our eating out a little more seriously. Since we are trying to cut back on how often we eat out, every time we do we want to really take advantage of it. We keep talking about places we haven't tried, and decided we should make a "bucket list" of all the places we still want to try. Brian decided a better name for it would be a "Penske" list, since it is everywhere we need to try if/before we move. Both of these places made that list:

Pure Bread: Since its location is right beside Babies R Us we see this cafe often and have talked about going for a while. We finally did, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it is very similar to Panera Bread. Their soup is not as good, but their sandwiches definitely give PB a run for their money. It does seem a little weird to order a "Doberman" or a "Chihuahua", but we like it. We've already made a repeat visit.

Gyro Kabob House: This little shack is only a few minutes from our house, and is unfortunately right next to a dingy looking liquor store. However, my love for gyros and Mediterranean food lured us there. Though the service was ridiculously slow, and they forgot the pitas and hummus appetizer that Brian ordered, I still can't complain about them because their food was pretty tasty. We will be sure to order ahead next time, and check that everything is in the bag before leaving the place, but we will return.

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