Thursday, October 16, 2008


Needlepointing has been a hobby of mine since I started 4-H about 15 years ago. It is about the most creative thing I can do-and of course it is really just following a pattern. I have recently decided to start working with this craft again, and have already completed a few needlepoints that will be Christmas gifts. Following are some of my creations.

-This was the last needlepoint that I did for 4-H. It now hangs in my home, which is especially fitting since I now live close to the coast. I especially like the way this one is framed, and the stripes on the tower.

-This was a needlepoint I just completed this August. I had bought it on clearance years ago, and decided to work on it when I was reorganizing my house. I modified the design, changing the brunette to a redhead.

-I made this one years ago. When I was looking at it back home, I realized it looks almost exactly like my cat, and decided I had to hang it in Kiki's bathroom.

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