Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thomas Update: 9 Months

A big month for you!  Lots of firsts:

Weight: 19 lbs 10 oz
Length: 28.5 in  I'm still working on reluctantly getting the 12 month box out, because you're really pushing anything below 9 months. 
Feeding:  When you want more food (which is all the time), you flap your arms wildly, gaining you the nickname "chicken wing".  You have started signing more, or clapping, whenever you want more food.  We can barely cut up the table food fast enough, or spoon in your purees.  You haven't encountered a food you don't like yet.  Still nursing at least four times a day.  Trying to start weaning you off of nursing just when you want help sleeping and only nursing for hunger.
 Sleeping:  You've finally outgrown swaddling.  You roll over and sleep on your belly now, and turn on your mobile while you're waiting to be rescued.  You do well with a long morning nap.  Being in the car to run your brothers places makes you take lots of little cat-naps, and I have to wake you around 8:15 in the morning so we can leave some days.  You go to sleep around 9-10 after your brothers are down.
Communication: On April 28th, I got a real distinct "mama" when you were crying awaiting rescue from the crib.  Later in the month you started saying"dadadada" and it is not the more prominent demand from you, as you somehow think that word has to do with food more than your father.  On May 15 we noticed you were starting to sign "more", and started clapping the next day whenever we delighted you.
Likes:  Taking baths in the kitchen sink, music (you're starting to dance around), listening in on storytime at the library, balls, putting everything you find in your mouth, EATING
Dislikes: Getting stuck under things/in corners (you can only crawl backwards), when mama puts you down (starting a bit of clingyness and hesitance toward strangers), taking your weekly photo
Growth Milestones:  First tooth!  9 months on the dot! (they say between 6 and 12 months is normal, so you are right on the median.  Just like you are almost the exact 50th %-ile for height and weight.)
Health:  Great!!  Glad spring is hear and your semi-permanent cough and runny nose is gone.

*Sorry you never have socks on.  But, I kept your feet covered when it was cold out.  There's just no point to baby socks yet, but I'll put some on ya when you start walking in a few months.*

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