Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thomas Update: 8 Months

As we moved into our new house this month, you did pretty well adjusting to all the changes.  You're still my little baby, enjoying being swaddled at night, are still toothless, not really crawling, and not uttering words yet.  But I've got the feeling each of those milestones are about to explode out of you.

Weight: 19 lbs
Length: ??  Definitely need 9-12 months for sleep and play outfits, but I'm trying to put you into more "real clothes" lately and less pajamas.  Size 3 diapers, though mostly in cloth
Feeding:  You still nurse 5 or more times a day, but you're very happy to feed yourself now.  Cheerios and puffs, as well as small bits from whatever meals we are having.  You loved sweet potatoes when you tried them, and mama even let you try some pancakes.  You are a bit spoiled compared to your brothers who I was a bit stricter with.  We do still do some purees, including yogurt ones, and we can never feed you fast enough. 
 Sleeping:  When we moved, you spent some good nights and naps in our second master closet, which was great because it was so dark.  Since moving you into "your room" (the guestroom) you don't seem to be sleeping as well.  We need to get it darker in there.  You dropped to only one good nap a couple days, but you really still need two.  You had a few hard nights, but still sleep pretty soundly other nights.  I can't quite figure out your patterns right now.  Still swaddling.
Communication:  Some days you are so quiet, but other times you will babble away and make some "Mmmm" sounds.  I just started signing a bit with you, since food is super motivating for you I hope to use it to draw some words out of you.  Your face lights up whenever we sing with you.
Likes:  You LOVE to sit in shopping carts.  You flirt with all the other shoppers and try to get some big smiles out of them.
Dislikes: Bath time is less and less fun for you.  You hate being laid on your back to get changed.  When you scoop backwards and get stuck in a corner or against the wall.
Growth Milestones:  You have never really rolled around much, but you're definitely getting moving now.  You sit and scoot a lot, and can push yourself backwards, but you haven't figured out the forward crawl yet.  
Health:  Pretty good this month.  A little runny nose, but no cough!  And, no teeth yet!

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