Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thomas Update: 10 Months

You had all sorts of fun this month celebrating the end of school with your brothers. You've had more nibbles of ice cream and cupcakes than they ever got at this age.  We ran to Indiana for a weekend and you were the best traveler any nine-month-old could be- but the trip definitely tired you out.  As expected you have had tons of milestones this month. See below for all the details.

Weight: ???
Length: ???
Feeding:  Still liking everything we give you.  You get a little mad when we don't share with you.  Nursing about 4 times a day.
Sleeping:  Pretty much sleeping 9-8 or whenever you get woken in the morning.  Two naps either in your car seat or in your bed!
Communication:  Chatting a lot.
Likes:  dancing, taking a big boy bath, playing in sand, dumping everything you can
Dislikes: taking your weekly photo, being away from mama, Eli's constantly physical attention
Growth Milestones:  After your first tooth came the day you turned 9 months, three more quickly popped up in the next couple weeks.  You started crawling everywhere, even climbing a couple stairs when you get the chance (and proceeding to get stuck on said stairs).
Health:  Two emergencies this month- one was a call to poison control when you ate a mushroom in the yard (not poisonous thankfully).  The other was a hair tourniquet on your toe that required doctor intervention!  Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come this summer!

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