Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Richmond Children's Museum of Fredericksburg

January is a hard month for me.  After all the fun of Christmas and traveling to and from Indiana, we get back and I have a really hard time getting back into a routine.  The main trouble of course is that it becomes to wet and chilly to get out much, so that cancels half of our activities.  Less walking to school.  Fewer playground visits.  And no trips into DC since they involve so much walking normally.  And then add on delays and closings when we don't really need them (still haven't had enough snow to make a snowman) and then I can't even hit the gym in the morning (they close the nursery when school closes).  Grrr.

But we're finally getting back in order.  And we did try one new place last month. When I heard  that the Children's Museum of Richmond is offering $0.15 admission for kids on the 15th of every month this year, we decided to have an impromptu trip to the play-seum after we picked Theo up from school.  We had been to one location on the southern end of our capital city when we were meeting Mariah halfway when she was in NC for her husband's work trip.  (post here) This time we headed to their most northern location near us (brand new) in Fredericksburg.  It was packed due to the special price, but the boys had a lot of fun playing and I can deal with a crowd pretty well at this point.

I won't go into all the exhibits, because it was the pretty standard pre-school museum:  grocery store, dentist office, art section, sand/tiny plastic beads play, crawler area, and lots more.

It was neat seeing their always changing personalities in what they chose to play with.  Though it was very hard to keep my eye on both of them since they often wanted to play in different areas.  It's a pretty open space though, so you can normally triangulate a good viewing position to watch two kids.

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