Thursday, August 21, 2014

We're baaaaaack!!!

It's been about a month since my last post, and what a crazy month it has been.  The boys and I recently abandoned Brian and took off on a month long visit to Indiana.  We originally went for the fair, but then stayed through my Alaska sister's visit and waited there for Brian to finish a conference.  We then joined him up in New England for a couple days road trip/vacation.  It was a great month where I really got to fill up my soul with great visits and adventures, but now I'm glad to be back in my own home and own kitchen.  A month is really a long time to be gone, and I came home with a bit of a cold that turned into a full blown cold (with fever) and I was down and out the first few days back.

After being away so long, my house looked so foreign to me when I walked in.  Seeing it with fresh eyes definitely makes me want to clean out/declutter, reorganize the furniture, and finally paint some of the rooms.  I may be posting some of these projects in the future... other things I hope to post about include:

-Our crazy garden plants & my grandma's beautiful garden (with links for tomato sauce, pickles, and tomatillo salsa)
-Our family's last fair, including some prize winning recipes from over the last 23 years.
-Lots of cousin photos, since we saw all of them within the span of a week!!
-Impressions of Vermont and Travel Tips for New Hampshire

And the great thing is we still have a couple weeks before school starts!  Maybe I'll be caught up on my blog by then.  I still watch the job postings every day (there are still openings in the district we live in)-but I'm planning to be staying home again this year to soak up Theo's last year before going to school full-time and really working with my late bloomer Eli to start talking more and detach from me a little bit.  I'm excited for all the one-on-one time I'll get with him this year while Theo's at school (which will not correspond with nap-time this year).

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