Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mini Theo Update: Did You Know? Stage

My son is past the asking, "Why?" stage, and is now in the, "Did you know?" stage.  He's starting to get really into specific facts, mostly animal related.  He has switched off of Sesame Street and his other favorite shows to now watching Wild Kratts each morning.  At 7am.  He pretty much gets up as early as he can so he doesn't miss it.   Not sure how he ever saw it to begin with when it was on so early, but he is hooked now.  (In related news, he has started napping again in the afternoon.) So most of our conversations now start with him telling me a fact he learned that day.  It's a pretty adorable stage.  He is absorbing his nature magazines every month, and when he got to spend the week at Junior Ranger camp at Leesylvania State Park, he became even more of an expert on everything (His words.)

Mom, did you know, dolphins eat flying fish?  And the flying fish ZIP out of the water!!!"

Mom, did you know, octopuses can grow back their arms when a predator bites off their arm?  (Follow-up:  Mom:  How many arms does an octopus have?  T:  Eight, or sometimes nine.)

Mom, did you know, bees sting people?

Mom, did you know, ticks can camouflage in my hair?

Dad, did you know, Hippos can run as fast as humans?

Mom, did you know, pollen is sticky?

Mom, did you know, spiders eat insects?  And they catch them in their web!

Dad, did you know, zebras can't camouflage so they have to run very fast?  They don't have camouflage power!

Mom, did you know, Monarch butterflies are poisonous?  And butterflies have to die after they lay their eggs.  But it's okay, because their sons and daughters make the flight home. 

Mom, did you know, antelopes legs are light and thin so they can run faster and faster?

Mom, did you know, giant squids have sharp, cutty things around their sunction cups.

Mom, did you know, on beaches, there are lots of sea shells?

And... this list could go on forever.  I love watching his excitement for learning, and hope he stays a little sponge like this forever.

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