Sunday, March 24, 2013

Not Probably

So, the last few busy bags I wanted to include in this series are going to have to wait since my laminater, paper cutter, and even zip lock bags are sitting in a storage locker in Southern Maryland.  We decided to pack up our apartment, pull out of our lease, and head back to Indiana where we could wait (rent free) for Brian to start his post-doc.

After a very up-in-the-air last couple of months, I can finally start putting some dates and definitive verbs in my sentences.  I noticed I used the word "probably" about 8 times in a recent email, and decided to just not give any updates until I could stop using that word.  So, here are the long awaited updates:

Brian FINALLY heard back from his job about a start date.  The biggest hang-up was that he will be on a fellowship and there were several reviews required of his application.  Even though the estimated turn-around was 4-6 weeks (and the deadline for said reviewers was the middle of Feb), they got the last review in about 8 weeks after his application was completed (which was delayed by weeks:  transcripts were lost, recommendation letters took time; faxes were misplaced).  Anyway, after an initial interview almost exactly six months ago, he has now completed a week at the lab.

Meanwhile, while we've been waiting, we decided to buy a house rather than pay more than a mortgage to rent.  We are waiting on the results of the third offer we have made, and we're hoping that we will finally get this one and be able to close by mid May.  I will be waiting with the boys in Indiana, while Brian rents a room with some grads students in DC. 

I have also found that the school where I completed kindergarten through eighth grade needs a maternity leave paraprofessional position filled until the end of the year, so I applied and have been offered that job, so I should be able to stay busy until the end of the school year and the beginning of life in the suburbs of DC. 

Until then, expect my blog to be filled with our Hoosier adventures (and misadventures) and a little more rural flair than regularly. 

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