Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finally a good day, update #2

The full moon might be bringing out some crazy behaviors in the kids, but it finally helped align some things for us today. 

In chronological order:
1. The ASEE who pay Brian finally deposited his first stipend (8 days late, but better late than never).
2.  I started my new job today, thankful I found a short-term position that will keep me busy and add a little to our down payment on our house.
3.  We got our security deposit back on our apartment, all of it!  After four and a half years with two kids and two pets there, I thought we would have to forfeit some of it but I guess everything was normal wear and tear.
4.  Found out that our third (or was it fourth?) offer for a (town)house was finally accepted!  Hopefully we will close by mid -May, if not before.  As long as the inspection and assessment go well we should be in the clear.
5.  Brian's grandpa came home from the hospital where he's been battling sickness lately.

So happy that we are finally getting some things to go in the right direction! 

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