Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Elijah: 6 months

This month has had quite a lot of changes for you, since we packed up your first home and started staying at your grandparents' farm for a while.  You have had a lot of mama and dada time, but that's about to change when dada goes back to work next week.  You have kept up with all the changes pretty well, you adjust to whatever situation we put you in quite well.  Your favorite toys right now include books (the crinklier the better), the piano, and any teether that fits nicely in your moth.  

Weight: about 24 pounds** (based on better scales at 7 months, I think this was a big over estimate)
Length:  about 27 inches
Size:  We're now getting size 3 diapers in the mail.  6 month clothes are straining at the snaps, 9 and 12 month clothes fit better.
Feeding:  Nursing is about the same.  You  have started having rice cereal which you are fine with, but I've got a feeling you are really going to love the fruits and veggies you get to start trying.
 Sleeping: You nap when you get a chance.  You really like to sleep with mama now, which is okay since you're not rolling over on your own yet.  But it is making staying down for naps difficult.
Likes: sitting beside brother (on your own) and watching him play, making a lot of noises and even sounds like da-da-da-da-da-da
Dislikes:  having a cold (lots of wiping noses and coughing)

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