Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy Bags for a Two Year Old (Maci), including Pin It Up

Our niece Maci just turned two, so I decided to make her a collection of busy bags using some of the materials I have from making others for Theo.  Most of these aren't really suitable for kids at younger ages since they are still putting so many items into their mouths.  Since she is way past that stage, these activities are good for her age (or in the near future).  I also had to pick small ones that would fit in an envelope to mail easily, so her package included the following:

Build-a-Rainbow, a great color and size discrimination activity from this awesome site.
Turns out great if you use their template.
Link it Up!  (just plastic, colored links)

Heads and Tails which is an easy one where kiddos match the heads to the tails for animals from the famous Eric Carle book Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Found here

Tracing Lines, a great pre-writing activity found here.

Picture Puzzle

Pin it Up, a fun felt activity where kiddos can use clothespins to clip clothes to a clothesline.

Materials:  felt, string/twine for the clothesline, mini-clothespins

Assembly:  Simply cut the felt into as many pieces of clothes as you desire.  My husband actually free-hand cut these for me.  I thought it turned out pretty cute, especially the pink tutu!

Activity:  Tie the twine to two chairs to form a clothesline.  Pin the clothes to the line.

 I also added labels with directions, since I know my sister won't see this :)

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