Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Elijah: 5 Months

This month, you have learned to sit up!  This really opens up the world for you, because you can sit in shopping carts, the exercauser, jumper and play easier in your bumbo.  You love to be a part of everything, and enjoy watching your big brother play (he is an expert at Peek-a-Boo).  Your tummy and neck are extremely ticklish. 

5 Months
Your hair is fuller and longer now, but still very light colored.  Your eyes are still gray... I really wonder how they are going to turn out.

You found your feet this month!

Weight:  18.5 pounds
Length:   25.5 inches
Size:  Finishing up your Size 2 diapers.  Still in 6 month clothes, but 9 and 12 month clothes fit as well.
Feeding:  On average, feeding for 15 min every 4 hours.
Sleeping:  You still sleep best with mama right next to you.  You will be exiting the bassinet soon though, and are going to need to start sleeping more on your own.  During the day you are starting to get a schedule of a morning nap and an afternoon nap.  Sometimes you will even have a third nap in the evening.
Likes:  jumping in the jumper, playing in the exercauser
Dislikes:  tummy time, being left out (you sit in your bumbo at the dinner table every night)

A Big Smile while Cuddling with Big Brother

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