Wednesday, April 14, 2010

March Madness

It was a hard year to be me...

Last year I went with my heart, and made picks based on who I wanted to win. Not who I thought would win. This year I really wanted to win so I made real picks, hoping to rise to the top of our 70+ entries bracket.

After the first couple of rounds, we were looking pretty good! Theodore's bracket, and mine, were two of only three brackets with all final four picks still in. We were looking pretty good until Syracuse and Ohio State went down. But, I still had Duke as my champion. It was hard to root against Purdue (they went as far as I called in my bracket), but I had to. And then, when it came down to Duke vs. Butler, it was really, really hard to not wish for a Hoosier school's victory! But, I was going to be happy either way. I tied for Second! (prize=$55) I had actually called for W. Virginia to be in the final four, but then crossed it out right before I turned it in... if only!! I would have won by quite a lot if so. Some of my better picks:

  • Purdue beating Texas A & M
  • Old Dominion beating Notre Dame
  • St. Mary's taking out Richmond
  • Michigan State over Maryland
  • Butler over Vanderbilt
  • Kansas NOT making the final four

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