Thursday, April 15, 2010


So my sister-in-law has created a cooking blog, and that, paired with a lot of extra time at home now, has re-inspired me to get in the kitchen! I have a whole stack of cooking magazines that I've received in the last few months (I've canceled most of the subscriptions until I can read all the ones I already have-and make something from each one). We also have practically banned ourselves from eating out (to save $$), so this has been a great alternative. Now we need to figure out how to spend less at the grocery store...
These are all from Rachel Ray's magazine.
I have never eaten, or made Brussels sprouts before, so this was interesting. It was basically sauteed up with red peppers into a sort of slaw. Was actually not too bad (for Brussels sprouts) and a pretty good way to disguise some of those veggies. I will be sure to make it again!

RR paired it with halibut, but we'd already had fried catfish earlier in the week, so Brian bacon wrapped some cute tiny little lamb chops and we used Rachel's recipe for mashed potatoes.

My next meal wasn't quite as adventurous, though I had never had Ricotta cheese before. It didn't turn out to be anything special, but the meal was good. (Forgot the peas in the picture.)

Orchietta with peas and bacon (substituted for panchetta)

I had some canned pineapple left over from this winter, so I really wanted to use it up.

Brian says pineapple is not a Caribbean food, but I liked the way this Chicken Jerk turned out anyway.

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