Monday, April 27, 2015

Cherry Blossom 5k: 21 Weeks Pregnant

When I registered for the lottery required to enter the Cherry Blossom 5k at the beginning of December, I knew I could be pregnant because we had just started trying, but I really doubted I would be over 20 week along when the race came along.  Things happened so much more quickly this time.  And though I ran throughout my first trimester, I started majorly slowing down in the second as the pressure during running was getting uncomfortable.  So I was sad to know I wouldn't be completely running this race, but I wasn't going to withdrawal since I have always loved the D.C. cherry blossoms and this could be our last year in the area (Brian's contract is up next March, who know's where we'll be after that).

I ended up being surprised at just how much I did run, and enjoyed the course starting near the Washington Monument, across the Arlington Memorial Bridge (near the Arlington Cemetery entrance) and back.  I psyched myself up to run back across the bridge without any walking, and then noticed the course was sloping down on the return making for an easier second half of the race.  I surprisingly was only about 8 minutes less than my normal time, even with walking quite a bit.  And having a 21 week old side kick running with me.  This was baby's second 5k race (see post on first one here).

My official time was 43:12.  And here are the fun little maps that go along with it.  My mileage here claimed 3.4, which wouldn't surprise me with all the swerving I ended up doing.  I started myself too far back in the coral and had to run around a lot of walkers.

 The boys all came with me, loving the train ride into the city, but ending up exhausted due to such an early start to the day.  We picnicked for lunch, thankfully as most of the food truck lines were endless.  Eli slept through almost all our hike around the tidal basin, but I managed to get a few pictures with him.  And the blossoms of course.

 We always stop by The Tulip Library.  Elijah loved them.

 So excited waiting for the train.

And then we stopped by our favorite pie shop in Occoquan on the way home, since my motivation and reward for finishing this 5k was a slice of cherry pie.


Ashley Eddie said...

Wow, nice work! You look great and I love the pictures. :)

Shannon E said...

Thanks, wish we could have gotten more photos but the crowds were ridiculous!