Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Burnside Farms: Update

Since their prices, location, and dates changed this year, I decided I would do an update post on our favorite you-pick flower place, Burnside Farms.  They are currently in peak bloom for a few more days, and it's supposed to be a beautiful week to enjoy them.

Where:  2617 Logmill Rd, Haymarket, VA 20169  (just a bit further than last year)

Cost: $4 for single entrance, $7 for an unlimited pass, under a year free.  Daffodils $0.50, Dutch Iris $0.75, Tulips $1.00 a stem.  They do accept credit cards (in the middle of a field, isn't technology great).

Daffodils are all yellow, and are cut with scissors.

Tulips come in a variety of colors and are pulled up (sometimes with the bulb).

Extras:  Though not as many as their old location, there are still a couple animals brought in to be seen, a not-so-happy turkey and some goats that will teach your children how babies are made.  They also had brought in a BBQ stand, and face painting the day we were there.

There are some chairs in the field, and they still have the big shoes (boats) to play/pose in.

And they have bunches of wooden shoes to try on.  The boys did this for a long time.

But even with all the changes, it's still a beautiful place to flower gaze (or insect hunt) and of course a great place for photo opportunities (if your children cooperate for that kind of thing).  We were probably there on their busiest day, and were able to have a sweet picnic and have a good time despite the crowds.  Even though it had rained the days before our visit, the fields and parking lot were perfectly dry.  And they do have port-a-potties on sight, always important to know when you're headed out with the pre-school crowd.

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