Thursday, September 12, 2013

Elijah: 12 months

Today at 8:08 am we finished snuggling you awake as we celebrated your first birthday!  You happened to be in bed with me already as you had apparently tried to protest getting older the night before, crying from about 11pm-2am last night.  It was definitely the first time that I couldn't console you quickly, but eventually some medicine helped you get to sleep.  Then for your nap today you napped almost four hours!!  Which never happens since you are a very finicky napper.  You are full of changes today (and this whole last month).

Weight:  22 lbs 13 oz
Length: 29.5 inches
Size:  We still squeeze you into the 12-18, and 18-24 months summer clothes.  We actually decided to switch over to cloth diapers this month (since we finally have a dryer) and you are in the second size of diapers available. 
Feeding:  Carbs are definitely your favorite.  You've been known to snatch a bun out of Theo's hand if he gets too close.  Bread of any kind is a favorite of yours.  You will still eat just about anything if it is a puree, and can feed yourself using the squeeze pouches.  You've been getting finicky with fresh fruit and veggies lately, so I started just giving you those same choices frozen, and you loved it.  Apparently that helps your emerging teeth.  You finally got some teeth this month, four to be exact!  We will finish up nursing in the next few weeks.  We were blessed to have a fairly easy nursing experience, and I am forever thankful for that.
Sleeping:  At night in your crib, for about 8 hours.  Then you sleep with me for an hour or so in the morning.  For naps, you will pretty much only sleep in your stroller (or car-seat).  I plan our daily walks to coincide with your nap schedule (10am, and around 4pm).
Likes:  Making any sounds you can (hissing, clicking, squealing), banging on windows or doors, flying when being spun around, crawling away as fast as you can when we change you, crawling up the stairs at record speed, helping walk Cori by holding her leash, getting into kitchen cupboards and saying "Dadadadada".
Dislikes: Being kept out of the bathroom (your favorite place to play), not getting fed fast enough and having to sign "more" while eating, all your new teeth, walking without us holding your hands.

We were going to have a picnic supper tonight on your birthday, but that got rained out.  So we had pasta here, and then you got to have the other half of your cake that we froze after your party a couple weeks ago.  You were not at all interested in your presents, but Theo had fun opening them for you.

You decided to resurrect your old serious face while I was trying to take photos of you, but I got a few smiles.

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