Friday, July 12, 2013

Elijah: 10 months

This has been a big month for you!  As we moved into our new home in Virginia, you were reunited with dada and couldn't be happier.  You even did something new- reached for someone else while in mama's arms.  That hasn't happened before.  You started really crawling up on your knees this month, especially when Theo's tray was nearby (or the dog dishes).  You almost immediately started pulling yourself up on things, but then you fuss when you get stuck standing.  Climbing the stairs is now your current goal, and you've gotten up about six steps before you get stuck/caught.  You have started getting into Theo's toys now, and he's started a love/hate relationship with sharing his toys with you. 

Weight:  Still around 21 pounds.  You doubled your weight in your first five months, but then have only gained about 2.5 pounds in the last five.  Guess you're burning all your calories now that you're a mover.
Size:  12-18, 18-24 months, size 3 diapers
Feeding:  You still eat mostly baby food, and I'm working to build more texture into your purees.  You have gotten to start trying more finger foods this month, eggs, cheese, avocado, and shredded chicken.  Daddy even snuck a taste of ice cream to you. 
Sleeping:  You are finally sleeping through the night in your crib!  Yay.  I would keep you with me, but it is much safer in your crib so you're not rolling out of the bed.  You have been good now about taking a morning nap (about two or three hours after you wake), but you still resist your second nap.
Likes:  making sounds, climbing up the stairs, pounding on everything, petting animals
Dislikes:  getting bopped by Theo when you take his toys

Wanting to feed yourself.

Trying to figure out why Theo thinks this tastes good.

You're not really used to drinking anything other than nursing, but I'm trying to get you to use this cup.

Your eyes are still a grayish tint... not really full blown brown like dada's or brother's.
 Still no teeth!
Your favorite toy!

Big smiles with brother.

Your biggest frustration-getting trapped under the table.

Trying to get brother's trains.
You even started sticking out your tongue this month.

Happy boy!

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