Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elijah: 3 months

Dec. 19, 2012

Today you turned three months (and one week) old!  Mama forgot to write this on time, but since I am home sick today I decided to try and write this.  You have been such a good baby all day, just mellowing out while mama sleeps and tries to feel better.  I hope so much you don't get sick, but your little smiling face has sure helped me through this rough day.

You are such a smiley baby!  When you want attention or picked up you just turn on the charm and give a big flash of your toothless gums.  This month you have really wrapped mama around your finger with your sweetness.

You did have a little cold (runny nose, cough) a few weeks ago, but are feeling great now.

Weight:  15 pounds, 9 ounces
Length:  (did not measure, first month without a doctor check-up!)
Size:  The 6-12 month winter clothes I bought you fit surprisingly well, and size 2 diapers are fitting best.
Feeding:  When mama went back to work, you started getting some bottles and have done pretty well with them.  You eat right before and after I work, but only eat twice while I'm gone, and continue to nurse several times through the night.
Sleeping:  Your starting to stretch into fewer, longer naps now.  You sleep a lot in the morning, and are normally pretty tired by 8:00 at night.  You stay in your bassinet for the first part of the night, but normally end up in bed nursing with mama.
Likes:  smiling at Mama, Dada, and brother; grabbing and holding rattles and toys
Dislikes:  when Theo bonks you accidentally

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