Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kilby Cream

After a quick search of my blog, I realized I have never really done a post about one of our favorite local places, Kilby Cream.  Though this one is a bit away from Newark, I would still consider it close enough to call local.

A quick jog down 95 will lead you into rural Maryland (third state Eli has visited now).  It always amazes me how quickly we can get to the country here. When we lived in Phoenix it took FOREVER to get "out of the city".  Here we are not nearly as trapped in the urban sprawl as we were there.

This dairy has really great ice cream, a petting zoo (calves, goats, mini horses, etc), and a playground that Theodore just can't resist.  And in the fall it is home to a corn maze.

Last year was our first time there, and we had a fun time taking Theodore through, though we went at a busier time and some of the lesser behaved children annoyed us.

But this year, we had the whole maze to ourselves on an early Sunday evening, and Theodore really had a blast leading us through.  He wanted to "read" the map the whole time, and kept deciding "This Way" at all the intersections. He was oddly right most of the time too.  Every now and then he wanted to trick dada by telling him to go a different way, but then would get worried when he was gone.  T would literally jump in the air when dada would sneak up on him by going around a different way, and then start giggling.  It was a lot of fun, and of course was followed by some great scoops of ice cream!  Not a normal fall pairing, but one Theodore is probably going to always link-  ice cream and corn mazes.

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