Friday, October 12, 2012

Elijah: 1 Month

Oct. 12, 2012

Today you turned one month old!  You are still the sweetest baby ever.  I've started calling you "little goat" because you sound just like one when you mewl.  However, I much prefer that to crying and am lucky you are so calm and rarely cry or spit up.

Your umbilical cord finally fell off on the 1st of Oct.  After being grossed out by it for a month, your brother turned 360 degrees and became upset when it fell off and complained he "want cord back" for the next few days.  You seem to be interested in your big brother, and like to watch him.

Weight:  10 pounds 14 ounces
Length:  22.5 inches
Size:  We can just barely squeeze you into newborn clothes and diapers, size 1 and 0-3 months fit better.
Feeding:  Like a clock.  You eat every two hours if you have a "half order" and every three hours if you have a "full order".  At night you only eat every four hours.
Sleeping:  All the time!  You do like to get up more in the late afternoon and evening hours, which works well since that's when dada comes home.  You like to sleep on mama, but will also sleep in the bassinet and the vibrating chair.
Likes:  Being swaddled at night, rocking and being cuddled.
Dislikes:  Binky, hiccups (you get them all the time!)

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