Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mini Quilt: St. Patrick's Day

I haven't done any quilting in a while, so I did a small project to get myself back in the hang of things. I made this little ditty for St. Patrick's day, and it can be used in the kitchen as a hot pad or in some kind of centerpiece.

It was my first time working with setting triangles, and I learned a lot. I did a little better getting all of my square blocks to line up. I still need help with my binding, especially the corners. I am always so anxious to be done by that point that I don't put a lot of time into it, but I really need to get better before I try my next wall quilt. I'm planning one with a star design, that uses golds, blues, and red fabrics. It may end up being my July quilt-if the motif ends up looking too patriotic.

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