Sunday, March 8, 2009

Genealogy Find

Every winter it seems, I go back and work on one of my hobbies: genealogy. Going through old census records, finding marriage certificates and old family photos is very interesting to me. It brings out the side of me that got a minor in anthropology in college.

Now that I am living on the East Coast, it is pretty exciting to be finding records so close to home. Many of my ancestors came through either Pennsylvania or Maryland. We recently went up to Wilmington (originally known as New Sweden) and found the area where my Poulson ancestors first lived in America (not the best area to live now). Pal Jonsson Mullica arrived on a ship called the Eagle in 1654. More information about him can be found in The Swedish Colonial Society, specifically in this article.  

With the great computer crash of 08, I lost a lot of my information (I'm still hoping someone can retrieve some of it from my hard drive). Now, I'm more dedicated about having paper trails for everything I find now. I also invested in Family Tree Maker 2009, and have had a lot of fun entering information on there.

This week I found a yahoo group dedicated to one of my ancestors, and was able to join. I was very excited to find information on the family pictured below. Pictured are some of the children of Jeremiah Roser (front row center), who would be my GGGG Grandfather, including the woman to the right of Jeremiah, Mary Jane, who would be my GGG Grandmother. He was born near Harrisburg, PA in 1826, lived in Ohio, Alabama, and Indiana, and was graced with 91 years on earth.

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