Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thomas Update: 12 Months

We finished up our Indiana visit (saw the peacocks at the Ft Wayne zoo, celebrated your great grandma's 75th birthday) and traveled back to VA this month.  I'm lucky you are a great traveler.  You spent a lot of time this month playing in dirt/mulch at playgrounds, floating in the lake/pool, and hanging in your stroller at fairs and zoos.

Weight: 21 lbs 5.5 oz
Length: 29 in
Feeding:   You demand bananas every morning, and eat up just about everything we put in front of you.  It's hard to keep up with your appetite.  We will finish up nursing when you turn one so I'm trying to limit that and we've been slipping you some dairy milk already.
Sleeping:  No big changes in sleeping yet.  You wake from a full nights sleep, stay up about 2.5 hours, and then want to nap for 1-3 hours.  Then you get tired in the late afternoons but don't really want to take a second nap.
Communication:  You're starting to chatter more.  You wave at everyone you can.  You are becoming quite a pointer. 
Likes:  You get pretty excited to see your dada at the end of every day, and will crawl to the door as fast as you can to see him.   Crawling up and down the stairs and pulling up on furniture.  Pointing out everything you see.  Dancing.
Dislikes:  still not a fan of diaper changes, and having lots of separation anxiety from mama now
Growth Milestones:  started going down the stairs, and started standing without assistance.  Not walking yet, but getting close.
Health:  Great!
And now you are officially one!  It's been a fun year for you being little brother.

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