Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thomas Update: 1 Month

So your one month birthday has came and gone, and you are officially five weeks old now!  We have spent a majority of the last month curled up together in my new recliner napping, nursing, and just snuggling.  Some days I have a lot of motivation to get other things done, but lately I've just been trying to focus on soaking you up.  I keep telling myself you may be my last, and I don't want this newborn phase to pass with me worried about cleaning and laundry and cooking.  But since those things need done, I'm trying to be very efficient, and accepting help when offered.

Your brothers still love you as much as the day you came.  They check on you before greeting me when we pick them up at school or the bus stop.  They attend to any needs you may have.  And they frequently wake you up.  Luckily, you can still fall back asleep easily.  It took me about two weeks to start calling you by your name properly... for some reason I just couldn't stop calling you Eli (whom I keep mistakenly calling Theo now).  I am often anxious when out and about with you because I feel like I'm forgetting one of the three of you boys.  Having your brothers both start school this month has made it a very hectic month.  And you got to meet 2 grandmas, 1 grandpa, 2 aunts, 2 cousins, your church family, my MOPS moms, and have been to both of your brother's schools. 

One Month
In terms of monthly growth/milestones:

Weight:  10 pounds 2 ounces (58%-ile)
Length:  22 3/4 inches (94%-ile).  You may be our first long and lean one, we'll have to see.
Size:  I want to keep the newborn things on you forever, but have been moving you into more 0-3 clothes and size 1 diapers once the newborn size ran out.
Feeding:  I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to nursing you, just because it is such a huge commitment and kind of ties me down.  But, we've been blessed by a great nursing relationship.  Compared to your big brothers, you don't nurse nearly as often.  Only every 3-4 hours, going even longer at night.  I even wake you up often when it's time to nurse, rather than waiting on you to fuss.  We are pretty in tune with each other, and it's a pretty beautiful thing.  I have had to pump just a few times when I was too full for you to latch, but that's been the only problem.  You haven't tried taking a bottle yet.  You definitely are a burper, and get uncomfortable if I forget to burp you.
Sleeping:  Like your brothers, your first month was filled with lots of slumber (jaundice will do that to you).  You don't really nap yet, you mainly wake up to eat and then go back to sleep.  You're favorite time to be awake is in the evening when I'm trying to make dinner.  When you're rare awake times come we try to play with you:  reading black and white books, making lots of faces at you, and working on getting you to track.  By the end of your first month we were getting a few smiles from you.  During the day you typically sleep in a lttle rocking sleeper your Aunt Megan brought, and then in your bassinnet/beside me at night.  You've also slept plenty in your car seat and in the evenings in your swing.  Your favorite place to sleep though, is definitely in my arms (I blame you for any typos here).  I've got four different slings/carriers, but I've never been extremely comfortable baby wearing, so we're going to keep trying the different holds out and see which one I find most agreeable to us.
Likes:  Swaddling (though you want your arms out already-I call you "Thomas Packet" when you are all bundled, your dad hates that nickname), warm baths, and being held (luckily your brothers love holding you so mama can take a break sometimes)
Dislikes:  hiccups (so frequent), spitting up (luckily you only do when I let you eat too long), when your brothers swing/rock you too hard, and being cold
Health:  Your brothers brought home lots of coughs the second week of school, and we can't get them to stop sharing their germs with you.  So, you're a bit stuffed up.  And, you still seem to have lingering breastmilk jaundice, but your blood levels were never high enough to need treated.  I think this is part of the reason for your continued sleepiness.

1 Week to 4 Weeks

In other news:
Your eyes are still a beautiful blue.
You have been extremely clean.  Outfits last a full day, very few diaper mishaps, limited spit up-it's amazing! (knock on wood)
You are so similar in look and personality to Elijah, you even mew like a tiny goat like he did.
Your c-section was the easiest for mama to recover from.

Hoping for a great second month to come!  We've got some big plans for October, one of mama's favorite months!

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