Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Driving Cross Country

On our way back from our Indiana summer trip a few weeks ago, I jotted down (with dictation of course) a few of the ways my silly boys kept me awake and on my toes during the long drive.  My sister accompanied me, just because of how far into my pregnancy I was, and despite driving in the daytime (without a DVD player, tablets, or any electronic devices beyond the radio) the boys did a great job.  The trip was just over 12 hours, including about 66 minutes worth of stops, and a bit of wondering around when we lost our map signal and tried to take a short-cut in MD/WV/VA.  Along the way the boys:

Noticed something in the engine.  Elijah proclaimed this every time we drove up and down my mother's dirt road the entire trip.

Noticed about ten "time tunnels" each and every hour (these are overpasses, which they warn me as we "approach").

Asked why we were crossing every bridge.  Whether one crossing a tiny creek, an overpass, or a large river.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Elijah.

Noticed lots of rocket-ships (electrical transformers).

Warned me every-time we passed a "deer crossing" sign.  Theodore.

Completed a "road sign" scavenger hunt.  Theo loved this and it really kept him busy. 

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