Friday, October 31, 2014


It's getting to be one of my favorite things... dressing my two little boys up in semi-homemade costumes around the end of October.  I think it comes from the fact that there's not a lot of accessorizing you can normally do with boys.  Sure, they look super cute in overalls, or with their seasonal hats (pumpkin and blueberry are my favorite), but it's nothing compared to the cuteness and selection available of girls clothing.  But on Halloween, I think boys costumes can finally compete for the cuteness award.  See their costumes from 2010-2012 here, and 2013 here

Early trick-or-treating at the mall.
Thankfully, my boys are still into cute (not horrific) costumes, and I still get to influence their choices.  While last Halloween Theodore loved all the Thomas and Percy costumes he saw, and he declared he would be Thomas this year, that eventually faded.  The next idea he had was a race car, and thinking about the difficulty of getting a race car in and out of a car seat, I hoped that desire would fade as well.  Thankfully, when it was finally time to decide Theodore came up with a farmer (his future occupation, he has added a farmer to his builder dreamers).  How much easier of a costume can you get?  We already had boots, overalls, and plaid shirts.  All we needed was a John Deere hat (grandma found one and sent it) and a handkerchief.

And knowing that little brother still has more animal sounds in his vocabulary than real words, we knew we'd have to make him a farm animal to go with big brother.  I gave Elijah a few choices, and even though I think he is the best, most authentic "oinker" in the world, he went with "moo".  I found this tutorial online and couldn't have been happier with the results.  I ordered the black sweat suit from Carters, and sewed everything together in an afternoon (though it is hard to machine sew in the small areas of the legs and arms).  I used up some felt and googly eyes I already had, found a huge pink button in my button jar, and pinned on a tail we picked up at Joanns. I added some tie-on hooves out of black felt as well, and tagged him with a yellow ear-tag (#2), but that didn't make the pictures.

We grabbed some pails I originally bought for my classroom years ago, and were ready to go.  So far this year, while Theodore properly says "trick-or-treat", Elijah just "moos" at everyone.  If only I could bottle the cuteness.

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