Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Memories 2013

This year we got to host some of our relatives for the first time.  My grandparents and sister decided to make the trek out here since we decided to hold off on going to Indiana for Thanksgiving (I'm trying  to save up some trips for all the babies being born there next year).   It was so awesome to have them here, and Theo enjoyed greeting and entertaining the guests, building elaborate railways with his great grandpa, and chatting everyone up.  Eli (who is recovering well from his procedure) warmed up to the guests and loved all the extra snuggles. 

We enjoyed appetizers of my father's famous ham and cream cheese roll-ups, a new favorite of baked brie, deviled eggs (also known as Rotten Eggs by Theo who got up early to help me make these, and ate half of them) and a veggie platter with my grandma K's must-have-veggie-dip. 

Brian, as always, prepared the turkey and gravy.  He also helped me make these cute little pinterest guys, who Theo was sure to instruct everyone not to eat since they are made of wood.

For the main course, we had turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn casserole, grandma's green beans with sausage, stuffing, cranberry relish, Asian salad, and rolls. 

Eli's First Thanksgiving Meal!
 Of course my boys enjoyed their pies; pumpkin and apple.  And we had some cherry cobbler as well.

And at the end of the night, when Theo pulled the larger piece of the wish bone, his wish was for everyone to give him a kiss.  The perfect ending to a sweet holiday.

This was Theo's first Thanksgiving where he really understood the concept of being thankful.  He learned all about the history of the holiday and learned songs at pre-school, and made plenty of decorations at school and Sunday School.  His list of things to be thankful for this year has included:  Church, School, His teachers, His friends, Dada, Mama, and Eli, and a curvy train track.

I myself am very thankful for my two sweet as sugar boys, my one supportive husband, and all three floors of this house that has given us room to stretch our wings.  I'm thankful for all four tires on our golden car, and extremely thankful for my friends and my family, (especially for Aunt Nae Nae's patience in reading almost every Thanksgiving book we had to Theo in one sitting). 

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