Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easy Baby Blanket

I'm worried about this second child not having anything of his own, but it doesn't make sense to re-buy things that are still perfectly usable after Theodore.  So, I have picked up just a few select things, and decided to make him a blanket.  I was thinking maybe an elephant print, but we found an owl print at Joann's and decided to go with that.  Theo approved it.

I used a fleece for the background, rather than a minky fabric, just to give it some variety.

I followed the steps on this tutorial:

Considering I found out that my rotary cutter is rusted over when I began the project (during nap time) and I had to cut all the edges by hand, it turned out pretty well.  I am the worst straight cutter in the world. 

Theodore has already test run the blanket.  Hopefully he is okay giving it to baby and not stealing it all the time like he does his blankets when they are on us.

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