Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happiness Around My House

I seem to be in a very optimistic mood today (could it be that I finished my 4-day math training yesterday) and decided to document it a little.  I think the changing of the calendar was the first moment of happiness today.
I am very excited by Brian's ability to grow plants, and am anxious for us to have our own house with an actual garden.  For now, this has to do.  We have tons of little sweet orange peppers growing on our patio, exciting me every time I go by.

Between an Amazon order, bookshelf raid, and quick stop at Border's yesterday, I have amassed my summer reading collection shown below.  I already finished my official reading for school, "After Ever After" which was much, much better than last year's "Three Cups of Tea".  I'm glad T enjoys long afternoon naps, so I can settle down and get back into reading. 

And of course, I always find happiness in the little man himself.  His new thing is "dipping".  He lucked out and even got his aunt's left over fries as a snack today, just so I could get a shot of him in action.

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