Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update... 15 months

Now that Theodore is mobile, it is much harder to work on the computer than one would think. Currently, he is out grocery shopping with dada so mama can have some alone time, and I finally have a chance to update my blog. I have only a month left of school, and am looking forward to getting to take Theodore out and about more this summer. I'm considering swim lessons, hope to find some story hours, and plan on taking Theo to many parks and markets throughout the summer. Dada is still working toward his "tam" so we hope to have many picnic lunches outside Brian's lab this summer.

Theodore began walking back at the beginning of the year, and is now almost a pro at walking without stumbling. He hasn't mastered going down stairs yet (he fell at the zoo today, and has a big mark on his head), but he is able to climb up on the table if your back is turned for a few seconds. He has learned "open-close" (with closet doors, flip phones, and fridge doors) and "on-off" (with light switches, the vacuum and the tv). Most recently, he also learned to LOCK doors, which really freaked mama out, but I called Brian and he instructed me on how to pick the lock.

In the last few months Theo has had his first birthday, got his molars (he's up to about 10 now, number 11 is trying), had his first hair cut, and has tried many new foods. His current favorite is wheat bread, but bananas and blueberries still come in close second and third places.

Some of our favorite pics from the last few months include:

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