Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zoo Time

So a couple weekends ago we decided it was time to take Theodore to his first zoo! It was a little dreary that morning, but I really wanted to go and we figured that would cut down on the crowds as well. We found that there is a little zoo in Wilmington called Brandywine Zoo, and with an admission price of $4 we couldn't resist! This nice little zoo was just the right size for Theodore, and runs alongside a beautiful river in Wilmington State Park. The zoo has been open since 1905, and the park has a very charming early 1900s feel. The zoo itself had some very nice exhibits, including a blue and yellow macaw (my favorite), lots of felines (an ocelot, bobcat, and clouded leopard to name a few), and a house full of monkeys. The Siberian tiger exhibit was being remodeled, so we'll have to head back up soon when they reopen it!

The next weekend we traveled to the second closest zoo to us, the Plumpton Park Zoo. This is a much newer zoo, which basically seems like it was a rescue for many unwanted animals that turned into a petting zoo, and then into an actual zoo. It was closed down for a while last year, but the new owners seem to really be making some improvements. Theodore really liked being able to feed the animals here (some deer, donkeys, sheep and goats). I was terrified of him feeding the donkeys, but he just giggled and loved it. My favorite here was the giraffe, those things always amaze me.

Now we can't wait to go home in June and go to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with cousin Maci! I seriously believe this is one of the best zoos in the country, and I am so excited to take Theo there!

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