Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vera Bradley Outlet Sale

My first time to the sale proved to be an experience, to say the least. We went on the last day, and I was pretty impressed with the selection. I went for a wristlet. I don't have the room to always carry around a full purse anymore, so I wanted something small to use. I found one, among other things. When we got in line, we were looking pretty good at getting through in less than an hour. Until we realized the line was not moving at all. For quite a while. They finally announced that the computer systems were down so they couldn't check anyone out.

A long story short, we walked away a couple hours later with: One free item (mine was an $18 purse), a free coin purse (retailing at $18), a $10 discount, and a free whiteboard! It was pretty awesome!

Then, when I was writing this post and looking at my receipt, I realized that they didn't charge me for TWO of my items!?! A lanyard and the wristlet! I'm not sure how that happened, but they were in such a rush checking out customers that they must have missed a couple things.

My finds:
$11 Morgan purse in Puccini (retailed at $63)
$8 Patchwork Coin in Espresso (retailed at $18)
FREE! Saddle Up in Mediterranean Blue (retailed at $65)
FREE! Mediterranean Kisslock Coin Purse (retailed at $18)
$7 Medium Bow Cosmetic Mod Floral Blue (retailed at $30)
$7 3-Ring Binder (retailed at $18)
FREE! Write Away (retailed at $16)
$4 Zip Sunglass Case Mediterranean White (retailed at $22)
$3 PJ Pants Peacock (retailed at $38)
$3 PJ Pants Pink Elephants (retailed at $38)
?? Wristlet Yellow Bird (retailed at $25)
?? Lanyard Cupcakes Pink (retailed at $10)

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