Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have a new favorite website.

A few weeks ago I got a recipe for supposedly perfect brownies. Not too fudgy (like Brian likes) and not to cakey (more like I like). However it called for "cake flour" and I couldn't find any in the grocery stores around here (don't get me started on how much I don't like the grocery stores here). So, I looked for some online. I found some at the King Arthur website, as well as a few other goodies I just had to have. After getting my first shipment of two huge boxes, I've put the rest of my desires on to a wish list to get at a later date.

And Brian really liked the brownies-my first time not using a box mix. Not sure the cake flour really made the difference though.


  • Cute Shirt

  • I need four of these... cake flour, bread flour, wheat flour, all purpose flour. My cannister has too small of a lid to really be able to measure out of.

    • Black decorating sugar: I need these for some "pool" cupcakes I am making-for the 8 ball.

  • For the rest of the pool balls I'm making.
    Again for the pool balls, I need the black food coloring.

    • Scoop for my new flour container

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