Thursday, April 21, 2016

Me Am 3 and a Half

Elijah is definitely my takes-everything-literally child.  He will argue over semantics and is sometimes a little obstinate about being correct.  He is ALWAYS paying attention to the social interactions going on around him (unlike his older brother) and I'm always amazed at the things he picks up.  He finds just about everything we do exciting, and he loves talking to people on the phone.

He is a little too independent for his own good, but is so sensitive that I can't be harsh when correcting him.  His heart breaks when he thinks his older brother doesn't like him, and he is always the first to run and rescue Thomas from any bad situation (you know, like his toy rolls away).  He still wears his "big brother" shirts often with pride.

Eli is still obsessed with a train, and keeps asking to go to the train museum.  The couch is turned into a train daily, and Eli spends a lot of time using his map to plan trips, turning on the "train module" and of course "applying the breaks".  I recently coined the term "tresspassenger" when I didn't have a ticket, and since it had a name he thought it was okay for me to be unticketed.

My second born is definitely not a know-it-all like some of his family.  He will typcially say things like "Me have no idea!" or "That doesn't make any sense" even if he does know and understands.  He almost always counts incorrectly past four, unless there is a treat involved and then magically he can count into his teens.  He will NOT participate in any musical rhymes/dances/songs at story time (head-and-shoulders, etc) and just gives us all a look like we're ridiculous.  But he will go dance during the last song in church every week.  He's full on contradictions.

Some of my favorite sayings or quotes from him are:

Always saying "roof roof roof" whenever he talks about a roof (comes up more than you would think in an all boys household- this is from a Word World episode)

When I asked him about yoga in school, and if they did child's pose, he said his teacher's even do "grown-up pose"

Since “last night” is a phrase, he thinks “last day” is one as well.

Bubba’s craft, or “your craft” instead of Minecraft.  Theo’s craft.

“The pig was overjoyed to see his friend!”  -while transporting pig via train

“I’m/Me going to get a new mommy from the mommy store.”

Eli put on Chapstick “because me want to look pretty like mommy.”

*Again, I wrote this last month, but just now uploaded the photo.*  And Eli's measurements are about 37 inches tall, 35 lbs.  He's seemed to get really gangly lately.

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