Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Writing to Santa in Kindergarten

Last week we got to go on base for the lab's annual open house, and they boys were pretty excited to see Santa.  Theo decided to ask for the current library book he has checked out (he desperately wants to be a first grader because they get to check out two library books, and library is one of the highlights of Kindergarten for him).  Elijah stuck with wanting... a train.  What a surprise.  He would like a batter powered one that works again.

I loved how the photos turned out.

Meanwhile, Theodore is becoming quite the little writer, and from what I hear about school, writer's workshop is one of his favorite times.  I encouraged him to write a letter to Santa to see what he could do, and even without his word wall and list of site words to guide him, he did a great job writing this (please excuse all the backward S's and d's).
*For those of you less inclined to decipher the letter, here it is with correct spelling. 
"Dear Santa Claus,
I haven't been perfect, but I have been good.  I would like a girl scout oven.  I would like some candy.  I would like an Ipad.  I will be in Indiana.  From Theodore"

On the last day of school before break, his school actually hosted a "writer's celebration".  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but it was a time of singing chants and songs, sharing their writing with us, and leaving school a little early laden with treats and gifts.  It's a genius idea really, to get the parents to come pick up their students a little early from school the last day before break and help them navigate getting everything they have home.  (Add fundraiser pickups of wrapping paper, spirit wear, and poinsettias and I looked a site leaving like a pack-horse with all three boys.)
Displayed on the bulletin board.

After the program, in his snowman hat.
Theodore was proud of several of his "small moment narratives" he shared with me, including: Brian recently getting pulled over by the police and getting a ticket, a based-on-true-life tail of the Delaware earthquake when he was a baby, and a pretty accurate picture of Christmas morning at his Grandma K's house complete with a picture of her tree (with a fireplace on tv) and her staircase.  Surprisingly, watching him learn to write has been even more exciting than watching him become a reader, and I love all the phonetic spelling and trying to figure out what he writes.  Gone are the days of kindergarten we had where we wrote on that special wide ruled large writing paper.  They use advanced writing templates with a checklist for editing at the top. 

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