Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day Trip: Frederick, MD

Despite a rainy day, we recently met up with one of my best friend's since middle school who was traveling through the charming town of Frederick, Maryland.  Just a couple counties away, we took the back way and enjoyed a beautiful drive passing beautiful properties, antique stores, roadside stands, and several strawberry patches on the way up to meet them.  I've only stopped in Frederick once before several years ago (BK:  before kids) so everything was new for us.  We picked a few places to explore that were definitely worth mentioning:

Fractured Prune:  This donuts place was a pregnant girls dream.  Hot, fresh donuts designed however you'd like.  I went with most of their specialty donuts, before designing a cherry glaze with peanut topping.  The owner said he'd never made that one before, which was surprising to me because it was the perfect combination. 

Monocacy National Battlefield: Theo has been on a Civil War kick lately, so this was a great stop for him.  You can read more about it in an upcoming post about all things Civil War.

North Market Pop Shop:  While normally I try and visit breweries or wineries while visiting new places, being pregnant changes my game a little.  This place sounded fun, so we stopped in and left with several bottles of pop as well as having an ice cream treat as well. 

I also got pretty excited to see Volt--- I think I actually lost my breath for a moment.  We have talked about going up there to eat forever (I'm a big Top Chef fan of Bryan Voltaggio), but have never made the investment.  One day we might, but just seeing the building was pretty cool for me.

One other place that looked visit-worthy was the Roads and Rails Museum, which was unfortunately closed the day we visited.  The boys would have loved it though.  Maybe next time we're driving through...

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Emily West said...

Sounds fun! A design-your-own donut shop sounds AMAZING! I believe that one should find it's way to Fort Wayne!